JAXA's Space Robotics

Dr. Mitsushige Oda
Space Robotics Group, JAXA

1. Introduction

JAXA has a heritage in the space automation and robotics through conducting following space robotics missions.
<Remote manipulator system / robot arm>
<Robotic satellites>
Fig.1 MFD, 1997 @Fig.2 ETS-VII (1997) Fig.3 JEM and JEMRMS (2008)
Fig.4 MUSES-C(Hayabusa) Fig.5 MINERVA (2003) Fig.6 HTV (2009)

2. Resarch and development of future roboti system and space robotics

Based on the above heritage in the orbital space robotic systems, JAXA is developing reseach and development of following three types of space robots.
Figure-7 shows JAXA's road map of these space robotics

3. Development of Astronaut Support Robot (Astrobot)

JAXA will conduct technological experiment of the astronaut support robot using the International Space Station Japanese Experiment Module (JEM). This experiment will be conducted in the year 2011.

Created by Dr. M.Oda (JAXA) on September 22, 2011