Astronaut Support Robot (Astrobot) Experiment on ISS / JEM - KIBO, "REX-J"

1. Introduction

Humankindfs activities for space utilization and space exploration are expected to expand year by year. From the perspectives of safety and economy, the utilization of robots, i.e. astronaut support robots (Astrobots), to support astronautsf work or even conduct work instead of astronauts is desirable.

JAXA is to conduct a technological experiment of the Astrobot named REXJ (Astrobot Experiment on JEM) on the International Space Station Japanese Experiment Module in the year 2011.
The aim of the mission named REXJ is to demonstrate possibility of realizing the astronauto support robot (Astrobot). The mission includes following technological experiments

2. Japanese Experiment Module (JEM / KIBO) Exposed Facility (JEM-EF)

3. REX-J: Astronaut Support Robot (Astrobot) Experiment on JEM - KIBO

Exposed Facility of the Japanese Experiment Module (KIBO)
REXJ mission will be conducted usinga a standard payload unito to be attached to the Exposed Facility.
Layout of the payload unit. The payload unit will be shared by five missions.
Artist's image of the operational Astrobot to be developed after the REXJ mission Details of the REXJ mission payload. It includes an extendable robot arm and tether systems.

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