i-SAIRAS 2010

The 10th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence,
Robotics and Automation in Space

August 29 - September 1, 2010

Sapporo Convention Center, Sapporo, Japan

Special Sessions

Plenary Session on August 30th

Time: 10:10-12:40

Place: Small Hall

Title: "Japan's Space Policy and the Space Robotics"

Lecturer: Mitsushige Oda, JAXA, Japan

Title: "Opportunities for Automation and Robotics in the evolving NASA Human Space Flight Strategy"

Lecturer: Chris Culbert, NASA/Johnson Space Center, USA

Title: "AI and Robotics at ESA in 2010"

Lecturer: Gianfranco Visentin, ESA, The Netherlands

Title: "Canadian Space Agency Activities in Space Exploration"

Lecturer: Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, CSA, Canada

Title: "Automation and Robotics in the German Space Program - From Orbital Applications to the Exploration of our Solar System"

Lecturer: Bernd Sommer, DLR, Germany

Keynote Talk on August 31st

Time: 9:15-9:50

Place: Small Hall

Title: "The Phoenix Mars Lander Surface Mission"

Lecturer: Barry Goldstein, California Institute of Technology, JPL

Keynote Talk on September 1st

Time: 12:05-12:40

Place: Small Hall

Title: "Hayabusa's Challenge - World's First Round-Trip Flight to An Extra-Terrestrial Object, Itokawa"

Lecturer: Jun'ichiro Kawaguchi, JAXA