NASDA/DLR joint robot expeiment(Apr.,1999)

Interface test conducted at NASDA
in July, 1998
Computers brought from DLR/IRF
(April 13, 1999)
Interface Test (April 14, 1999) IRF's terminal
Verification of Exp. Procedures(Apr.17) DLR terminals
Verification of Exp. Procedures(Apr.17) setting of Video to Germany
Experiments start on April 19 anxiety ? (1st session of the 1st day)
Mr.Lanzettel of DLR manages
DLR/IRF exp.
IRF's exp. by VR(Virtual Reality)
(3rd session of 1st day)
Image displayed on the VR helmet
(3D display)
Dr.Rossman shows Dr.Oda of NASDA
how to use VR
What ar you doing?
I'm trying to pick up satellite.
(Demo after experiment)
God's hand ? (red hand at right end )
His view through the helmet.
NASDA's robot operation facility.
operated by jst 5 peoples
Taking campaign film of the rendezvous
docking operations just after robot exp.
NASDA's teleoperation system easy to
operate. Our boss enjoy telemanipulation
No training was conducted before.
Satellite system engineer inspects
thruster on the satellite using camera
images. He is also a beginner on robot.