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Operation of the ETS-VII satellite was terminated on October 30th, 2002. ETS-VII was operated nearly 5 years after its launch on November 28th 1997.

ETS-VII made a great success.

View of ETS-VII (wing span of 20m) by the hand eye camera of the robot arm. (Nov.29.,'99)

The third rendezvous dokcing was
sucesfully conducted on Oct..27,999.
(photo), Exp. schedule
(Press Release)
Automatic Satellite Capture experiment
was sucesfully conducted on Sept. 1, 1999
(Press release)
NASDA/DLR joint robot experiments were
sucesfully conducted on April 19 to 21, 1999
(Press Release)
(more photo)
NASDA/ESA joint robot experiments
were successfully conducted.
(99/04/08)(More Photo)
Target satellite handling by ETS-VII
robot arm (99/03/25) (GIF animation)
(Detail) (Detail2)
NASDA astronaut, Mr. Wakata (left)
tele-operated ETS-VII's robot arm
from NASDA Tsukuba Space Center.
(99/03/16) (Detail)
Engineering Test Satellite 7 (ETS-7)
(Left: chaser, Right: target) was
launched on Nov.28, 1997
(since July 14, 1998)

What's New Oct. 31, 2002

* Operation of the ETS-VII satellite was terminated on October 30th 2002. ETS-VII was operated for nearly 5 years after completion of all planned robotics / rendezvous docking technology experiments within the first 2 years. (Oct. 31, 2002)

* ETS-VII's operation by ETS-VII project team was finished on December 16. Satellite checkout was conducted on December 15 and 16 as the last experimental operation, Monitoring of the satellie will be continued to evaluate the durability of the satellite for a long period in space.(Dec. 21, 1999)

* ETS-VII's final robot experiments were successfully conducted on Nov. 29, 1999.
ETS-VII's operations for experiments will end on Dec. 17, 1999. Monitor of the satellite will be continued. (Dec. 02, '99)

*The third rendezvous docking experiment was successfully conducted on Oct. 27, 1999

*Joint robot experiments by NASDA and DLR/IRF were successfully conducted on April 19 - 21, 1999 at NASDA Tsukuba Space Center using ETS-VII. (99/04/21)

* NASDA and ESA are conducting the joint space robot experiments using ETS-VII on April 6 to 8.(99/04/07) (Photo) (NASDA's Press Release) (ESA's press release)

* NASDA conducted the target satellite handling experiment using ETS-VII's robot arm. This experiment was to show the capability of handling large heavy payload by the satellite mounted robot arm, and to show the coordinated functions of the ETS-VII rendezvous docking system and robot system. The experiment was quite successful. With this experiment, NASDA successfully conducted all planned robot experiments. Additional experiments are under consideration.(99/03/25) (Press Release & Details)

* NASDA astronaut, Mr. Koichi Wakata tele-operated ETS-VII robot arm from NASDA Tsukuba Space Center. This is to evaluate the difference of the shuttle remote manipulator and the ETS-VII onboard robot arm. Experiment was quite successful. (99/03/19) (Detail)

* Trouble shooting to identify the satellite attitude error which occurred during the 2nd rendezvous docking experiment which conducted last August are being conducted between March 1 to 12, 1999 (March 02, 1999) (Detail)

* Most of NASDA's robot experiments were successfully conducted. Remaining experiments are (a) target satellite handling experiment to be conducted in March, joint experiments with ESA, MITI and DLR. These experiments are to be conducted in May. By the end of May 1999, all planned robot experiments will be conduced. ETS-VII's mission life was originally designed as 1.5 years and will end in May 1999. However condition of the satellite is pretty good, additional 6 months of mission operations are decided. (March 02, 1999) (Detail)

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This web page is intended to provide information of the ETS-VII (Engineering Test Satellite No.7) whose mission is to demonstrate the rendezvous docking and space robot technologies. The ETS-VII satellite was launched on November 28th, 1997 by NASDA's H-II rocket and is orbiting the 550km altitude, 35 degrees inclination orbit now.

ETS-VII project team, National Space Development Agency of Japan

For more information and comment, please contact
Dr. Mitsushige Oda (Principal Investigator of ETS-VII Robot Experiments)